Issue 2 (Winter 2015/16)

Table of Contents:

The Charlie Chaplin Archives: A Preview of Taschen’s Newest Publication
by Charles Epting

How Did They Do That?: Insights Into the Birth of Technicolor
by Debra Ann Pawlak

The Man Who Plays: A Conversation with Silent Film Pianist Cliff Retallick
by Charles Epting

Hollywood’s Silent Echoes: A Tour of 1920s Film Locations
by John Bengtson

Sally Phipps at Essanay: A Silent Star Begins Her Career
by Robert L. Harned

My Life—East and West: A Review of William S. Hart’s Autobiography
by Joseph McAleer

My Beauty Recipe: Style Tips from a Dozen Silent Legends
by various actresses

Interviews with authors Karie Bible & Mary Mallory, documentarian Tony Susnick, and filmmaker Keith Picot

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