Issue 4 (Summer 2016)

Table of Contents:

Catching Up With Mabel: Scenes From A Remarkable Life
by Timothy Dean Lefler

Silent Star Who Spoke Volumes: The Life and Legacy of Mabel Normand
by Rudy Cecera

Treasure in the Junkpile: A Firsthand Account of Silent Film Discovery
by Rachael Grant

The Man Behind the Myth: A Look at Rudolph Valentino’s Varied Hobbies
by Donna Hill

“Is That ME…Or My Ghost?”: The Two Baby Peggys
by Mark Pruett

On Early Actresses: Asta Nielsen, Lillian Gish, and the Spread of European Naturalism
by Mark L. Evans

How The Movie Is Made: “Inside Dope On The Movies”
by D.W. Griffith

Interview with Harry Langdon biographer Chuck Harter