Issue 3 (Spring 2016)

Table of Contents:

The Sounds of Silence: An Interview With Carl Davis
by Charles Epting

The Tramp Goes To Syria: How Chaplin United A War-Torn Community
by Aviva Stein

“A Wonder Child Who Is Just A Natural Boy”: The Selling Of Child Superstar Jackie Coogan
by Carrie Pomeroy

Coming Attraction Slides: A Guide For Collectors
by Kevin John Charbeneau

The Twisted World of From Morn to Midnight: Examining a Forgotten—and Enigmatic—Piece of German Expressionism
by Lea Stans

Tom Tyler: Silent Film Hercules
by Mary Haberstroh

Drug Use in Silent Cinema: A Look at the Underbelly of Early Hollywood
by Lewis Walker

Birth of a Nation at 100: Film’s Most Influential and Problematic Artifact
by Jeremy Burbick

Preserving An Piece of Pre-Hollywood Cinema: The 1907 Chicago Projecting Co.’s Entertainers Supplies Catalog
by Darren Németh

Drama Treatment Enters Comedy Photography
by Walter Lundin, A.S.C., Harold Lloyd’s Chief Cinematographer

Interviews with Chris Whittman of Silent Soaps and author Laini Giles