Issue 7 (Spring 2017)

Table of Contents:

Coming Attractions: A Roundup of New Releases
by Lewis Walker

Silent-ology: Ballyhoo!: The Colorful Era of Movie Theater “Exploitation”
by Lea Stans

Hometowns to Hollywood: Colleen Moore: A Flapper and Her Fairy Castle
by Annette Bochenek

What’s the Deal With Louise Brooks Anyway?: The Cult of Lulu
by Steven Suttle

Bringing Silents Back to Life: An Interview with Accompanist and Historian Ben Model
by Charles Epting

Roscoe: The Great Injustice of “Fatty” Arbuckle
by Claire Inayat Williams

What’s In a Name?: Who Was Matilda Fernandez Who Became Dora Rogers a.k.a. Fontaine LaRue?
by Kevin John Charbeneau

Walking in Chaplin’s Footsteps: The Essanay Studios in Niles and Chicago
by Charles Epting

Plus Firsthand Accounts of David Wark Griffith’s Time in the Trenches