Issue 1 (Fall 2015)

Table of Contents:

The Moving Picture World: Where Everything Old Is New Again
by Annette D’Agostino Lloyd

When Silents Roared: Dinosaurs Take the Big Screen
by Cory Gross

A Real-Life Cowboy: William S. Hart and the St. Francis Dam Disaster
by E.J. Stephens

Letters from the Stars: A Girl’s Scrapbook of Mail from the Screen’s First Idols
by Charles Epting

Funny Charlie Chaplin: He Could Only Make Me Cry!
by Mildred Harris

Does Rudy Speak From the Beyond?
by Natacha Rambova

The Story of Greta Garbo
by Greta Garbo

Interviews with Amanda Gari, Eddie Cantor’s granddaughter; Jim Beaver, actor; and Jason Allin, “The Chaplin Guy”

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